Sunday, July 01, 2018

Worldcup 2018 MĂ©moire - Argentina Exit!

Our friends became active as part of our tradition to World-cup. World-cup 2018 hosted in Russia made it easy for us to follow. I remember my World-cup 2014 early morning match viewing from Hyderabad. This was my first WC after moving to Bangalore. Recollects me of the childhood days where my dad took us to watch 1992-93 Santhosh Trophy at Ernakulam where I vaguely remember I.M. Vijayan & Papachan playing. The first paper suncap I ever got was from there :) Collecting the kerala team jersey & unbound number of football we played esp. around the book depot where the current LIC building in Aluva is located.

Coming to the World-cup 2018, most of the Argentina team had a weak team esp. Only reliable scorer on Messi & there was some aggressive formations attempted this time. During the first two matches between Iceland & Croatia which resulted in a narrow margin for Argentina to qualify for the round 16.

Post 3-0 loss against Croatia, there was a major critique floating around. A great come back for the game with Nigeria & it was evident in the way preparations was going.

An extra-ordinary 3-touch goal from Messi just mesmerized the world! Truly world class!!!

The round 16 match with France was a knock out & Argentina gave a great fight but lost the match at 4-3.

All through out the game I was concerned for the issues team has with the game!

Defense was weak esp. because of the wrong formations & lack of great players. The substitution of Federico Fazio for Marcos Rojo in the last game wasn't a great choice because Fazio couldn't contain MbappĂ© multiple times & resulted in goals. Fazio also made a huge mistake which Griezmann nearly missed. Showed the lack of great defenders & substitution.

Midfield wasn't able to create spaces & connect with offense. Lacked speed! Mascherano had made ton of mistakes at this level & I felt he should me more of a defender than at mid-field.

Offense isn't converting with great finish. Most of them are under pressure! Above all, the body language of the Sampaoli (Coach).

All put together I felt the team wasn't prepared well & Sampaoli also didn't have enough time to form the team esp. focused to play against the opponent. Mascherano, Rojo, Otamendi, Biglia, Di Maria, Perez, Higuain, Messi & Aguero (9-players) in the team selected for World-cup 2018 has been playing since ~10 years. The team needed more dynamic formation & speed! 

Also I hate to compare players or teams but Messi vs. Ronald or Messi vs. Maradona kept coming in. South America has natural players. Convergence vs. The Middle Income Trap: The Case of Global Soccer touches on some of the key aspects around this. Europe being the front & center with plenty of cash will continue to generate more & more kids with great skills. South America respects football & there are more kids coming into the forefront still. The opportunity to play in those leagues will help them lead a great life, learn new skills & bring that back to their own nation!

Unlike the era of Maradona the skills & technology is getting democratized resulting in competent players all across!

FiveThirtyEight’s interactive tool helped me to get the below. Don't use this to compare it against Maradona rather see how both are unique in their own ways!

I wish the great player Messi to get the World-cup & feel really sorry for him! Some sort of respect started to creep for Sampaoli based on the news that he hasn't been making decision all alone. If the news is true, it takes a great heart to work the way Sampaoli has worked with the team!

Hope the team find great players & prepare really well for the next World-cup!

Designer Life - Home!

Note: This will be edited as & when I find interesting stuffs.

A designer is one who design. Blissful it is to learn about the design that touches life.

Most of my time is spent at home & work. When it comes to the design of a home there are various aspects to consider & is a never ending process.

Recent works of Kasita & Vipp are interesting.

They are simple & minimalist. Watch the below video references which details the thoughts which has went into these.


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Sunday, June 03, 2018

Give them the right tools

I was thinking about the very meaning of diversity. Which means "the state of being diverse" which roots to latin origin "divetere" that is to "turn aside" or divert. Why is this important in current times?

An organization has a shared mission, principles & culture. It is complex to figure out the best strategy for execution amongst a group of people in an org. Nobody is perfect & everyone has blind spots. A critical aspect of the shared mission when missed by the group is a failure. Most of the systems don't incentivize failures hence leaders in the group focuses on avoiding such failures. By virtue of incentivising successes leaders tend to focus more on successes & avoid failures.

I believe such successes adds a mere improvement to humanity & not something radical or authentic! Not that we've to every-time create radical things, just that system is built for mere improvement!

Blind spot1:
To create something radical & "truly" authentic one must navigate through unknown terrains. A leader finds himself conflicted with his team to navigate an unknown terrain. This is because team already has blind spots & unknown terrain adds to the complexity. Leaders forms research teams to focus on radical ideas. Some of these radical ideas needs extended duration by nature of it. This creates a group with other set of blind spots working in silos for extended duration.

Blind spot2:
As the org grows with global presence it is inevitable to have satellite offices to provide better market understanding & customer connect. This in some forms adds to the diversity but teams are formed in satellite offices with specific areas. The headquarters is where the key events happens & satellite teams are generally not that well connected because of time zone restrictions. For eg: An aspiring kid in India satellite team will find the opportunity in US head quarters immense & impactful.

There are a lot of such hurdles a complex organization has, and you notice we're forming silos of blind spots separated in space & time rather than creating integrated team to cover for blind spots during the life-cycle of the product.

Diversity is a mere myth without tools! We need powerful tools for a diverse integrated team to accomplish greater shared missions!

Checkout the talk by Ray Dalio which touches upon few of these aspects.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Inclusive-STEM Hackathon at triple IT, Bangalore

I attended Inclusive-Stem (I-Stem) hackathon. We developed a Detect Eye Android app in around 24hours, listened to panel discussions & a ton of interaction with other participants.

Being interested in education this was an opportunity for me which I didn't want to miss. Yes, it was my best days!  I really appreciate the volunteers who have contributed to this without expecting any returns! Definitely, the industry needs some sensitization in this area!

Below are few of my key learnings:
1. Everyone who needs assistance uses JAWS or NVDA screen reader on computers & TalkBack on mobile. Try this once while searching for an API, reading SMS, calling someone & installing an app to realize the importance of making an App accessible. It really makes them successful in whatever they are trying to achieve.

2. Visual representations (like PowerPoint slides) are not useful & if we’re making one ensure that we follow the accessibility guidelines to enable readers.

3. Any policy decisions should consider accessibility. An example was demonetization, most of the popular apps weren’t accessibility-ready. Banking portal wasn’t accessibility-ready. Banking statements in PDF isn’t accessibility-ready which is needed for tax filing & it isn’t great to ask for help from a colleague regarding salary statements.

4. 26-million in India has disclosed has some sort of impairment as per census. “Disclosed” is important as not everyone is ready to disclose.

5. Impairment vs disability difference is important. Disability comes into to picture because of the society & factors outside.

6. Equal isn’t always equal. A test which is for 60mins for non-impaired folks needs at least 90mins but most systems aren’t considering this. So while building an evaluation (like an interview) ensure that equal opportunity by considering the state of a person is given. Esp. in an interview – the interviewer needs to learn to modulate a lot & un-learn to get rid of years of baseline built on judging candidates.

7. There are tons of invisible disabilities, so don’t assume always interact & help.

8. Making it accessible by following a checklist shouldn’t be the goal for any product. It should be looked at as making it usable for those who need accessibility assistance.

9. Disability is a tool to expand our ability to think beyond our horizon. Some of the skills & persistence folks have is commendable.

10. Ensure that you interact with people in the way you would have interacted over the phone which is talking without understanding any social/physical characteristics.

11. The industry is moving towards accommodation rather than quota or reservation. There isn’t any single solution but every company is trying things differently.

12. The space for collaboration is very important to have diverse participants interact. Even the tables, chairs, the orientation, plug-points etc. When we say inclusive – we should have tools & infra ready!

No one among us will be able to understand the “real” need by following checklists or guidance & it is complex – things become a lot more easy to develop empathy (not sympathy) when we interact with the end user!

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Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Poverty beyond a lunch topic

I deeply care about this topic. I'm finding it hard to assimilate the information & act. This post will be edited as I learn more about this topic. 

The tower of debt vs. tower of idle cash was an interesting concept shared by an ex-Greek finance minister, Yanis Varoufakis. Only that the peaks of those towers will increase in the near future unless a miracle happens! Not quite sure why only 7-months duration he served as finance minister.

I perceived that, balancing the towers was where the solution was! Along with a proposal of a capital owned by those happen to work in a corporation & a global currency used for funding scarce countries.

Martin Ford below shares his thoughts on how we'll earn in a world of machines. He brings historical data of Triple Revolution Report by Nobel Laureates submitted to the president of US in 1964 missed the predictions. Not sure if history can only be the reference for future! Are we realizing the pace at which jobs are getting disrupted in the current era unlike in the past ever? He also touches on the Basic income with incentives.

Rutger Bregman quotes the experiments done with sugar cane farmers in India. Another experiment by Frances Amy Richardson in Canada also was quoted. He calls out that poor needs to learn which needs time but "It's like teaching someone to swim and then throwing them into a stormy sea.". He points out that funds are there for Govt to enable the basic income. With more experiments & funds, he thinks without basic necessities of food, water & shelter the poor can't deliver the best results.


  1. Economics works on the premise of production/consumption & supply of money. 
  2. Politics is the decision making affairs within the boundary to distribute power & resources. 
Either money or power that is where things are. The world is an unfair place & a kid born in a well-placed family has a ton of advantages in the world. Various reforms & revolutions might have added systems like reservation, diversity etc. to ensure that every working class is heard/listened to. This will take many more years to make any significant change.

Say, if economics is about skill/advantages & politics is one of means to distribute power. Both are  biased in favor of well-placed family born kids. All powers are moving towards economically strong ends. The destiny is pretty unbalanced & it takes indeed a miracle to balance this out!

Yes, basic income is needed for the goodness of what it brings. But why would a benefited group favor the poor? How about deploying some of these at a nation level & then international level? Is it the greed which is the root cause which needs to be attended? Why are we consuming all the resources to create crappy things which isn't needed in the first place so don't we need to address those?

Monday, January 01, 2018

A perspective Jan18

The significance of any celebration has always raised questions in my mind. This new year wasn't any different either. A dedicated time to reflect back seems to be interesting.

My family & exploring where I live mattered the most. More focus on improving health & wealth investments! Wealth in terms of knowledge, education & career building! All of these to improve our kins first and then scale.  Below is my perspective.

The areas below are mature & practical now. These are moving in an un-anticipatable speed.
  • These are moving in stronger and un-anticipatable speed: Automation & Artificial intelligence is getting stronger day by day saving humankind from miserable jobs. 
  • People are getting distracted every second & still people think it is more important to connect & like each other virtually. Probably the first stage here is that people start responding when they are in toilet!
  • Democratization & decentralization is gaining traction as information is available at finger tips for poor and rich. Blockchain is just the beginning. 
  • Evangalization of need to focus on disease prevention than treating disease.
  • Younger generation is traveling to new places, finding partners in those new places who are of different origin. All this makes the more religion, caste, creed, language, and other barriers go away. 

Below areas below are not yet mature or are being explored. These are moving is slower pace because of complexity.
  • Food & water for billions is a major concern. Various farming & purifying techniques are evaluated.
  • Most of the food is adulterated now & still there isn't any tech to detect these which is massively usable on a day to day basis.
  • Build a sustainable renewable energy consumption models for the world.
  • Humans are still not clear about how the basic human body functions let alone the universe!
  • People are still doing all ineffective way of operations day in day out by traveling hours in trains to the office, doing robotic jobs which don't result in happiness etc. 
  • Education in its classic ways by learning things for 20 years and applying isn't anymore important now.
  • Poverty is a serious concern and there needs to be a way in which every human get the equal right & privileges. 
  • Shelters built today is crazy, people are going bigger or larger spaces rather than bring down the footprint. On another side poor doesn't have a clean way to sleep.
  • Pollution and climate are undergoing a drastic -ve change


Thanks glad that I'm alive! 1st Jan 2017, i was at Valley school for the monthly meeting.
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Farhan has grown big and we'd to take off the balancing wheel for him. We still remember how Nadhiya learned to cycle in couple of hours after removing the balancing wheel. So this was so special for us.
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Papa, Mummy & Shinu came for Nadhiya's birthday & we'd a great party. The next day we visited lalbagh for flower show along with Mummy, Shinu, Dhiju & Kids. Papa stayed back in car as he wasn't interested to walk.
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Soon after Papa & Mummy left, chelakulam Mama, Ammayi, Aja, Shabha visited us & we made a short trip to Bannerghatta National Park. Farhan's & Nadhiya's Pramiti Santhe was a great realization of how much kids can achieve. We were really happy that kids are enjoying their journey. We'll visited Ravishanakar's ashram on the day of Dhiju's birthday, realized that there is a lot happening in the mere sake of Meditation! Farhan's pirate theme birthday party was a blast! Farhan's pirate theme birthday.
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Saw Dhikr, my nephew, after couple of months. We all were really excited & spent a great time with him.
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A misfortune for Hariskka getting hospitlized at Ernakulam. This revealed a lot for me & my capabilities in life. Bought guitar for Nadhiya from Furtados, Bangalore. Farhan ruled out because of age.
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I announced the much awaited release of our service behind which I've been working tierlessly.

We'd a blast with Navas-kka, Itha, Ummichi, mottu & our family at Champfire nights, Masinagudi. Started getting the skin issues, Akhil aka Mottu visited us couple of times to establish his career & along with him we visited multiple places including Nandhi Hills again.

The karate tournment for Nadhiya & Farhan was exciting for us. Both played really well & Farhan got a bronze. We were astonished by the maturity Nadhiya showed that day inspite of she loosing out!
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Royal birthday party for Ahana at MidTown Rhythm. We invited Muktar, Amreen, Faraz, Nagma to Chartered Coronet Annual event where Nadhiya performed here first solo guitar & singing performance. Nadhiya & Farhan also had the regular dance participation as well.
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Attended Rehana's marriage, visited Koolimuttam remembering the demise of our beloved Mama. Preparation for Habba was going on & esp Farhan's song was so exciting for us because of his expression & diction.
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We did a 14-hours ride back from Kerla to Bangalore through Munnar & visiting NEC, Tiruppur.

Dhiju succesfully completed the NIFT, Bangalore course! Finally ended visiting Faraz/Nagma on new year eve!

Monday, December 25, 2017

Why do we need to progress?

Savitha emailed a note about her recent blog post about progress, which touched up on a point which me/Anand was also discussing the yesterday during Adruth's birthday. I've been blogging about this since a while checkout By 2034...Education...Parent lotteryUp to something...Schooling...Listen to the art of listening.

The word progress is loaded with expectations of advancing & looking at a kid only this context gets taxing i feel. When progress thought of as a defined path of advancement, it is illusion. If such a formula for advancement existed - world would have been a better place irradicating the poverty, isn't it?

The world has been unfair. Including my kids has a fair advantage of being born in such a well placed family which is the parent lottery! Enabling kids to listen always with the fresh open prespective & deep love may lead ot understanding the value of equality of resources.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Missing you mama! God bless ammayi!

As humans with a limited perspective of the world & often self-centered - I too felt that time flew & I remained as is. But the fact is that it is almost a year since we lost! I still remember we talking to him few days before his demise, the parting tight hug and kiss. His immaculacy of love will adorn my life.

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Our family visited Puthiyaveedu yesterday! After the salaam, "Alla etharokkaya" and our mama used to call Ammayi who will be inside the house. This time it was a bit different! I saw the gates closed for the first time but hoping that Ammayi will there we rang the bell & she was there inside.

Spent time with Ammayi & remembered mama! I could feel him. Ammayi is taking care of them! Below pic should sum it up all, notice the newspaper & I'm sure that Ammayi won't be reading that!

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Words can truly convey so much little.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Prophet and the little soldiers!

Saw the 1st episode of a NetFlix series “Daughters of Destiny” . Thenmozhi, Manjula, Preetha, Shilpa & Karthika’s life is motivational. I felt Shanthi Bhavan is walking ahead on the road to my destiny. I loved the vision of Shanthi Bhavan! I’m committed to supporting them in whatever possible means I can.

One with power and fortune control the Panchabhootha. I’m one among the fortunate.

Dr. Abraham touches the concern, I’ve been pondering & preparing myself for a decade. In this modern era, one among my prophets is Dr. Abraham! I salute Dr. Abraham George. You’re inspirational Sir Dr. Abraham Geroge!

I’m not sure if there is any one solution. But yes, as said the cruel world which favors the fortunate can be flipped upside down by sheer hard work & prophets! It may be hard, but it isn’t impossible!

Yes, the dream of equality can be achieved through wisdom! To attain that utopia, we need to nurture a generation of kids who not only believe in themselves but works damn hard to belly up to the fortunate. That generation has to cover those yards in leaps & bounds! Eventually, it will happen & there will be forces against these but the prophets will raise like Dr. Abraham. It is inevitable!

The responsibility on those little shoulders is immense! Yes, it might be unfair for them to daily lose the little warmth from the mother or a tight beard poking kiss from the father. They need to be built strong & I wish them all of the courage. These are my little soldiers of our modern era.

Is it the stick instead of carrot? or Is it the carrot instead of a stick? which makes it possible! Or is it the right teacher or teachings?