Thursday, July 27, 2017

By 2034...Education...Parent lottery

To give birth through a biological process is one small part. Bringing forth, that seems to be the origin of the word parent. It is how you play the cards which have been dealt with you that matters.

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What does it mean to bring forth a kid? There isn't any guarantee how the kid might turn up. But like most of our life, parenting is a phase which happens. Rather un-consciously without deep contemplations! Not that we've to do deep thoughts but it happens like that.  The huge responsibility of a parent to look at the child as a whole & work towards building a better human is phenomenal. Isn't it?

If a parent hasn't looked at themselves as a whole, will you be able to look at your child like that? Gaps you've has an impact on your child. In this era of a technology & lack of attention to a child, how can we even understand a child? Without understanding the child, you can't even prepare them. Parents look for an assurance of false-security for the child. Parent is conditioned to think so, that is easy to do & keeps them busy.

What is the responsibility of the parent in terms of educating a child? The most concerned set of folks who deeply care for the child is the parent. But a parent has other responsibility to earn the living & provide a thriving environment.

Learning for 20 years & applying those skills isn't a trick anymore. By 2034, Nadhiya & by 2036, Farhan will be 24 years. Given the pace of technology, a decade can have huge impacts in mankind. How should one prepare or guide these generations? Is it all about skills or mere application of skills to solve problems?

Too many questions. eh? Shall I wait till I find an answer to these questions? The child is already here & I'm bound to act. I can't spend years of research to perfect me to act.

Spend time understanding the child deeply & giving whole support to explore the "true" creative self of learning & listening without fear which may bring in authentic value to this world.

To be contd...

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