Tuesday, July 25, 2017

In a jiffy...but

Kins was around & we'd to plan something! An intensive search in AirBnB, Tripadvisor etc. realized that most of them have a whole crap with stock photographs from wild life. We did a random search in google & started ringing those who had numbers listed with best ratings. That is how we reached Samantha & Ehraz. Dhiju (my wife) got in touch further to close down on the CampFire Nights.

This blog isn't to make any word of mouth marketing about this place, but to capture my experience.

I'm writing this, a day after returning from 2 nights + 3 days of CampFire stay. This place is simple!

The moment you reach the foothills the scenery of the mountain will mesmerize! We parked the vehicle at the Foothill & was taken to the place in two jeeps. You'll never forget the white gypsy of Ehraz & how much he has used it as well! The Gypsy has a place in this story because that is the intro for the couple. You'll realize Ehraz is around the property by its presence. He never sells the place to us. This is great! He is resourceful for anyone who plans to trek as he is worth listening to because he himself has done some phenomenal trek. As soon as we landed his first priority was to get us to the property & he tried to source one more jeep. The jeep ride to the property in Gypsy is worth it, so don't miss that!

Samantha ensured that we clearly understand the legal risks involved in crazy adventures & was rightfully suggesting the alternatives. Our vehicle was parked right outside Mithun Chakravarthy's property (The Monarch). It was through her we learned that it was an elephant corridor and CampFire is one of the properties in the entry part of the corridor. Elephants pass through the CampFire through to Monarch and the farms further thereafter. Surrounded by farm lands of the tribal it is a beautiful place & you can notice our cars parked towards the left bottom corner of the pic below.

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As soon as you enter the property the mountain scenery just sucks you into it! I was lost in its beauty.

We'd booked Winter Woods, Bear's Liar & Ashmark. Everyone just loved the Winter Woods & the view from the sit out of that on those easy chairs was relaxing!

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Raju & Basvaraju were so nice & you'll notice the simplicity of these folks. They served us the lunch. Samantha was preparing few dishes as well Followed by lunch we started cricket in the open space! I scored 46 runs in 2 overs ;) Thanks to Mottu & Achu. CampFire have cricket, football, volley ball  & badminton stuff. The place is windy in general hence cricket is the best sport.

Followed by tea, we spent our time in the Winter woods enjoying the view! Kids was moving around very comfortably.

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Next day morning we did a short trek to the nearby hill top. Having been to Masinagudi a bunch of times, I decided to stay mostly at the CampFire. The family did go out for safari. Staying back really helped and it was indeed a great unwinding. I was lucky to spot a calf and mother visiting the place. You can spot tourist moving around in the Jeep through forest & disturbing the animal life. Suggest strongly not to do that & all the more it is illegal with a fine of 1llakh rupees. Forest officers do regular patrol all around and that helps to curb this.

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What I liked most is the minimal number of touch points from check-in to check-out. Seasoned couples in hosting & running the business! The website is clean & could further reduce cliche contents. The food was good, being a muslim family few of us had reservations around the dogs being close to the buffet counter.

We're definitely planning for a next one, not for a recreational one but for breaking our creative road blocks!

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