Sunday, September 17, 2017

Prophet and the little soldiers!

Saw the 1st episode of a NetFlix series “Daughters of Destiny” . Thenmozhi, Manjula, Preetha, Shilpa & Karthika’s life is motivational. I felt Shanthi Bhavan is walking ahead on the road to my destiny. I loved the vision of Shanthi Bhavan! I’m committed to supporting them in whatever possible means I can.

One with power and fortune control the Panchabhootha. I’m one among the fortunate.

Dr. Abraham touches the concern, I’ve been pondering & preparing myself for a decade. In this modern era, one among my prophets is Dr. Abraham! I salute Dr. Abraham George. You’re inspirational Sir Dr. Abraham Geroge!

I’m not sure if there is any one solution. But yes, as said the cruel world which favors the fortunate can be flipped upside down by sheer hard work & prophets! It may be hard, but it isn’t impossible!

Yes, the dream of equality can be achieved through wisdom! To attain that utopia, we need to nurture a generation of kids who not only believe in themselves but works damn hard to belly up to the fortunate. That generation has to cover those yards in leaps & bounds! Eventually, it will happen & there will be forces against these but the prophets will raise like Dr. Abraham. It is inevitable!

The responsibility on those little shoulders is immense! Yes, it might be unfair for them to daily lose the little warmth from the mother or a tight beard poking kiss from the father. They need to be built strong & I wish them all of the courage. These are my little soldiers of our modern era.

Is it the stick instead of carrot? or Is it the carrot instead of a stick? which makes it possible! Or is it the right teacher or teachings?

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